Following the contract termination of Misheal Kay Construction and Suppliers (SL) Limited for the supply of rice to the Sierra Leone Correctional Service (SLCS), the company has decided to take a legal action against the institution which terminated the contract since November 2021, for breach of contract.

According to investigation, the company has a contract with the Sierra Leone Correctional Service (SLCS) for the supply of rice and according to the contract, it was agreed that SLCS would make payment upon satisfactory delivery and acceptance of goods.

The company according to our findings, has always performed its own side of the contract but SLCS have reneged on the agreement and have not paid for goods received in August, September and October amounting to Le 3billion and this constrained and incapacitated the company to make subsequent supply. The contractor believes the conduct of the SLBC not to pay the 3billion owed to the company is breach of contract for goods received, noting that instead of paying what they owe the company, SLCS has gone ahead to contract a foreign company for the supply of rice at le 415,000.00 at the detriment of government.

The Satellite reported that, in an interview with the contractor, he said the SLCS terminated his contract for three reasons: that he failed to supply the SLCS personnel from June 2021; that SLCS gave the contractor money but failed to deliver the goods; and NPPA instructed that the contractor should accept Le 365,000.00 per 50kg bag or the contract be terminated. Though Misheal Kallon is a young Sierra Leonean entrepreneur who has employed many young Sierra Leoneans and paying his requisite government taxes, unscrupulous government officials continue to abandon their brothers for foreign companies without any recourse to the Local Content Policy.

Investigation revealed that the SLCS Director General, Joseph Lamboi failed to approve the price adjustment requested for by Misheal Kallon based on the frequent price hikes of goods and services in the country and went ahead to terminate the contract in dubious way.