Two communities, Tokara and Bila-fu, are said to have been virtually destroyed by ADAX Bio Energy/ SUNBIRD’s pollutant operations with reckless abandon.

Adax BioEnergy, a company located in Bombali District, North of Sierra Leone, which stands accused of reportedly wreaking wanton destruction on the said communities where it erected its dam. Monitored reports from the area of disaster indicate that ADDAX/ SUNBIRD had constructed its dam right inside the community, but alleged negligence of the company’s corporate social responsibility has left those communities destroyed by the dam’s negative health effects, especially residents of Tokara and Bila-fu communities with more than two hundred fifty (250) houses.

Reports are also that ADAX factory is erected inside the communities and its waste are said to be deposed into community rivers and water, detachment areas, poll in the waters and causing glut of environmental effects.

Moreover, the trees and other ecosystem were destroyed by the chemical used by the company in its activities, thereby aggravating the impacts of climate change in the area.

Meanwhile, the communities are reported to have been deserted due to the serious environmental healthy caused by the spillover effect of the activities of SUNBIRD which also said to have reneged on its promise of relocating the affected communities.

The homeless people are said to be living a very difficult and excruciating life so much so that they are calling on the government and the company to intervene as swiftly as possible for preparation of life .

Meanwhile, an official of Adax denied all allegations when contacted. The official stated that they’re not operation for the past seven months and thus impossible for their company to have caused the harm on the the said communities