Umaru Fofana Explains His Experience Watching Football Match With Wife

Football has grown to be one of the most popular and most watch soccer game in the world. Despite the joy and pleasure we derive from the game, supporters and fans are sometimes hit with football stress. This stress ranges from the fans expectations from the team not met, to the provocative arguments from rival teams.

All the above elements are just a portion from the whole numbers at hand. The most frustrating part of it is watching a football match with your wife who has little or no knowledge about football.

With very few people who have had these experiences and the burden attached to such risks taken, Sierra Leone BBC reporter, Umaru Fofana on his official Facebook handle explained what his experience had been and the risks attached to watching football match with your wife.

Sharing his experience, Umaru Fofana said this:


Wife👩: which teams are playing.

👱🏾‍♂Husband: Man City vs Man United

👩Wife : oooh wonderful! I love Man United

👱🏾‍♂Husband: that’s a good team…

👩Wife: is Drogba playing ?

👱🏾‍♂Husband: he doesn’t play for any of these teams…

👩Wife: okay sweeteee…is that Chris Brown?

👱🏾‍♂Husband: [bored] no he is Martial

👩Wife :okay but they look the same…what’s that yellow card for.

👱🏾‍♂Husband: its a warning to the player. ..
After few minutes Mahrez scores for Man City

👩Wife: [cerebrates in high mood] is that Martial who has scored ?

👱🏾‍♂Husband: [calmly] no its Mahrez for Man City.!!

👩Wife: [furious] how🤷‍♂️? it should be Man United who should have scored !!

👱🏾‍♂Husband: [silent]

👩Wife: what is that red card for ?

👱🏾‍♂Husband : [bored] that means the player should go out of the pitch for misbehaving.

👩Wife: then is he going to be a coach ?

👱🏾‍♂Husband:[unwilling to answer] aaaaaaa nooo…

👩Wife: it’s the same with traffic lights: yellow=warning;

👱🏾‍♂Husband: exactly darling…

👩Wife :what about the green card ?

👱🏾‍♂Husband: Hmmmm nothing of that kind in a field of play ….

👩Wife: I want Man United to win the world cup …

Husband: [silent]

👩Wife: who is that man standing who looks like Mr. Bean ?

👱🏾‍♂Husband: [bored] it’s the Man City coach ….Pep Guadiola

👩Why is he not playing?

👱🏾‍♂Husband: [changes the channel to Zee World

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🙆🤣🤣🤣🤣 🏃🏽‍♂️ 🏃🏽‍♂️ 🏃🏽‍♂️”

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