Sierra Leonean BBC journalist, Umaru Fofona, has provided insights to the Sierra Leone government on tackling the nation’s economic challenges.

Drawing parallels from household financial management, Fofona highlighted in a Facebook post that just as families might cut down on unnecessary expenses during tough times, a country should similarly prioritize its spending.

He emphasized the need for the government to minimize costs by eliminating redundancies and avoiding the creation of non-essential roles that demand significant financial upkeep. Additionally, Fofona advised stringent monitoring of state officials to deter needless international travels, ensuring that everyone is aligned in addressing the economic crunch.

Fofona wrapped up his statement asserting, “Good leaders lead by example.” He acknowledged the global economic downturn affecting every nation but criticized leaders who merely vocalize concerns without demonstrating austerity in their actions.

He argued that true leadership is not just about acknowledging hardships but living through them in solidarity with the people.