One in every 32 babies born in Sierra Leone dies within the first 28 days and one in every 10 dies before their 5th birthday , according to statistics of the Chid Health and Mortality Surveillance ( CHAMPS) .

This means that, out of Le, 15,000 children under the age of five , more than 27,000 die across the West African nation every single year which is approximately one under five child death occurring every 20 minutes.

To tackle this, the government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation has teamed-up in the partnership with the child Health and Mortality Surveillance _(CHAMPS) to determine and track the causes of under-Five Mortality and stillbirths through epidemiologic Surveillance which includ needle based autopsies post-mortem sampling and reporting within 24hours of death.

According to Health Minister Austin Demby, the government is committed to saving the lives of premature deaths. He disclosed that Government through the Health Ministry Patnership with CHAMPS is “already contributing to strengthening system toward universal Health care to Sierra Leone, including counselling families and comm on maternal and child health and Mortality prevention, as well as strengthening the capacity of medical staff for proper diagnostic care and facilitating improvements in the documentations and storage of clinical records among others