The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has reaffirmed its dedication to supporting youths and individuals with disabilities within the country.

UNDP recognizes the unique challenges faced by young people with disabilities and is committed to ensuring their inclusivity and empowerment, aligning with their principle of leaving no one behind.

This commitment extends to embracing youth from all segments of society for comprehensive national development.

Furthermore, UNDP has taken a particular interest in providing comprehensive assistance to the Sierra Leone Association of Persons with Albinism (SLAPWA), an NGO devoted to advocating for the rights and well-being of individuals with albinism in Sierra Leone. This initiative aims to foster inclusivity and create opportunities for individuals with albinism and other marginalized groups.

Daniella Garrick, representing the association, has highlighted the various instances of discrimination and harassment faced by youths with albinism in different communities.

The association has actively engaged with young individuals with albinism at various levels to drive positive change and ensure their rightful place in society.