The US Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Ambassador Bryan Hunt, has urged the Minister of Finance and the government to address the MCC’s concerns before seeking board approval for the Compact.

The Ambassador delivered this statement during a scheduled visit to the Minister’s office on George Street in Freetown, accompanied by Deputy Assistant Secretary for West Africa and the Sahel, Michael G. Heath

Ambassador Hunt also expressed gratitude to the Minister for the meeting and emphasized the United States’ strong interest in witnessing progress in the dialogue with the opposition and the development of a clear roadmap for an inclusive electoral reform process

Sheku Fantamadi Bangura, the Minister of Finance, underscored the importance of the MCC compact in tackling challenges within the energy sector. He highlighted that the compact offers not only financial resources but also vital reforms aimed at enhancing the efficiency of utility company management.

He assured them of the government’s dedication to intensify the current dialogue aimed at resolving election-related issues and implementing reforms to bolster electoral systems and processes.