Hon Alpha Khan has reacted to a ban imposed by the US government on Sierra Leoneans culpable of meddling in the country’s multitier election about two months ago.

In an interview with AYV, the former government minister stated that government officials are exempted from the ban according to US laws.

He said, “According to the United States Section 212(a)(3)(C) of the Immigration and Nationality Act permits government-serving officials to go to the US and the said Section was stated in the release by the Secretary of State.”

He continued by saying, “Unless the laws of the US were tempered what he heard gave government officials the mandate to move to the US as a serving member of a foreign government which the Sierra Leone government falls under.”

Moving on he said “The Section States that ‘If the United States is applying this Law to an Alien (stranger) the Law will not apply to anybody who is an official of a foreign government’ and he said Sierra Leone government is a foreign government so the Law doesn’t apply to them.

Alpha Khan added that the law does not apply to anybody who stands to an election in a foreign country.

He stated that the law doesn’t apply to serving members of government or foreign governments.

The law doesn’t apply to even military government,” he said.

The US government announced last week that a travel ban will be placed against individuals suspected of meddling in Sierra Leone’s June 24 elections.

The US Department of States said family members of suspected individuals will also be affected by the ban. The United States has been condemning Sierra Leone’s elections citing that the process lacked transparency.