State house director of communications Myk berewa has in a post on social media commented about the fatal accident on Sunday involving the presidential convoy disclosing that a motor van ran into the presidential Convoy of the president.

In a recent social media post, Myk Berewa, the Director of Communications at the State House, expressed his thoughts on the series of accidents involving the presidential convoy.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Berewa drew attention to a similar incident that occurred a few months ago involving the convoy of the First Lady

Berewa’s post stated, “Think about it.. a few months ago a truck fatally ran into the First Lady’s convoy; adding that Last night another motor van was directly running into the Presidential convoy. Good Over Evil”

The social media post by the State House Director of Communications has garnered significant public attention. Numerous citizens are urging the director not to associate natural accidents with politics, while others are demanding an immediate evaluation of the current safety measures and the enforcement of more rigorous protocols to avoid similar accidents in the future.