Famous Blogger and Marketing Specialist, Vickie Remoe has taken to social media to join the large swath of Sierra Leoneans who are incensed that President Maada Bio appointed Dennis Vandy, a man with a checkered history of corruption allegations as Minister of Finance.

Remoe stated that this is the straw that has broken the camels back for her and demolished any shred of hope that this SLPP government is serious about fighting corruption. She that this singular action by President Bio makes a mockery of the Commission of Inquiry which prominently featured Mr Vandi as one of the culprits that had stole government monies.

To set the stage to appoint Mr Vandi, President Bio dropped all the charges against him. Vickie Remoe stated this action essentially means none of the findings in the Commission of Inquiry can be trusted.

The SLPP government has since they assumed office wielded the COI and White Paper as the sword of damocles over APC. Fair minded Sierra Leoneans have long stated that the preferential treatment given to SLPP members cited in the COI means it has lost its efficacy and has become a mere political tool.

The appointment of Dennis Vandy whom the COI copiously cited for financial malfeasance as Minister of Finance is proof positive of that.

In Remoe’s live Facebook, one can sense the feeling of betrayal and disappointment in her voice as she almost tearfully states how the SLPP government and President Bio have failed Sierra Leoneans.

Remoe publicly had taken a lot of heat from friends and family members because of her public support of President Bio. Her reason for that support, she stated is because she was tired of APC corruption. She says she is heartbroken that the change that was promised has become a pipe dream. She states that it is now quite clear that President Bio also serves the god of corruption not the people of Sierra Leone.