Alhaji Amadu Bah popularly known as Boss LA has in an interview on Epic Radio shed light into the incident that led to his arrest and further detention at the police CID headquarters in Freetown.

Recall that Boss LA was arrested on 16th July, 2021 at the Swiss Spirit Hotel in Freetown where he was alleged for robbery and assault by a renowned businessman by the name of Osman Jalloh. The rapper spent two weeks in police custody before  he was granted bail at Pademba Road Magistrate Court on 27th July, 2021.

Speaking on what transpired between himself and Osman Jalloh, the Rapper said;

“If they say LAJ is someone who stood for himself and his friends, people will accept, but to say LAJ took another person’s property, people will deny. I have never taken anything that belongs to another person. I have never been convicted in Sierra Leone. They never sentence me to jail. All what they have are using against me are allegations. Journalists will just write about anything they heard about you without finding out. They will never do a follow-up to write about me when I’m not guilty. When my name comes up on any issue, they will push the negative side of me because that what the media has been telling the people about me.

“I have done several good things but no journalist ever called me for an interview. I have made successful shows but I have never been interviewed on that. when I did a song with the president, no one ever interviewed me. How can they interview me when the journalist themselves are getting paid cheques from the government?

“How can I rob someone that I didn’t know? How can I rob someone in a hotel that I have been staying since December? What kind of stupid robber or thief I am to rob someone in my hotel. It’s a big hotel that people are paying USD 120 per night. That means, everyone that sleeps there, his life is safe.

“There are CCTV cameras all over. The person that they said I robbed is not staying in that hotel and I don’t even know him. If they say I robbed him after he shared his pictures on social media, why the police didn’t show the footage to show where I robbed him when the place is covered with CCTV cameras? Why journalists didn’t go to the police and ask for the CCTV camera footage and investigate as well? Why the first complainant is the victim? My own friend was also a victim. He was beaten and his eye was damaged. It was never a robbery. If you claim that I robbed you and your bag that contained USD 35,000 and USD 500,000 in the car got missing, why did you collect your bag with USD 800 inside the bag. That is a false statement given to the police that you need to be charged because you have damaged me.

“Why I was the only person never granted a bail for 2 weeks? Why every time they ask for bail, there will be an officer that will say I will not release him? It was grudge, personal and hate. I entered into the issue when my friend and him were arguing for parking of vehicle. I met the man and told him to park his car properly so that I can also park my car. He walks off from us. I pushed him and he also pushed me, then I slapped him. That’s the whole situation. So, how robbery comes in there?”