As the show always gets Yagba, there are some details we can’t conclude on until we finally have a one on one talk with the housemates. And this is why Fans Zone is at our back. Digging into personal issues about the happenings in the house before the contestants are evicted.

On Monday AYV housemates Salone Fans Zone session, Munah Mimi Zayat disclosed her rejecting the boy from Port Loko City, Abdul Michael Koroma, popularly known as M’Posh. This reason which was hidden to fans and supporters was revealed during the Fans Zone. M’Posh, during his stay in the house is known to be accommodating. Though each of the housemates know they are playing games, M’Posh had been seen talking to everyone in the house.

Munah Mimi Zayat aka Ginger Queen was noticed on the first week of the house with Franklyn Gibson aka Fumi. According to Mimi, they have had a chemistry sometime before entering the house. Their love story started right a bus when Munah Zayat was freezing cold and Fumi offer his jacket as an added clothe. “…I noticed he is nice man right from there…” Munah disclosed. She added that during their first week Fumi had always been there for her, like making breakfast for her, and spending time her.

In week of the show they had something going on and later exposed their relationship to everyone in the house. Their grow wild like fire in the harmattan season and they made plans for outside when things go side ways. When Fumi was evicted, it left a hole to Mimi during that week but never lost focus on their plans.


After the Sunday eviction, M’Posh chose Mimi as his week couple but this request was bitterly down by Mimi. According to Mimi, over the past weeks she had noticed that M’Posh liked taking advantage of being couple with people he wanted to play games with on a bed. “.M’Posh like to touch when he is coupled with a partner and I don’t want unnecessary touches….” Mimi continued.

Her reason was that, she has built a strong relationship with Franklyn already and off course knew the intentions of M’Posh. “….I have Franklyn already and I know he is watching me outside, I don’t want anything to make him feel different about me…” Munah continued.

M’Posh on the other disclosed his actions towards the rejection. According to him, after Fumi had left the house, he wanted to use Fumi’s absence to gain Mimi to his bed. Munah who knew his intentions had to reject him when he asked to be coupled with Mimi. Being use to rejection, M’Posh accepted the denial and had to choose someone else among housemates for that week coupling.