Following the indefinite suspension of Imam of Masjid Taqwa in Barbom Chiefdom, the Section Imam, Alhaji Marwan Kanneh, has explained why he suspended the imam.

Alhaji Marwan Kanned explained that he suspended the Imam after some SLPP Executive members in the District expressed dissatisfaction over the preaching of the said Imam, stating that He, Alhaji Kanneh, should immediately take action against the Imam.

Responding to the question of indefinite suspension before any investigation, Alhaji Kanned said it was right for him to suspend the Imam after hearing complaints from SLPP members, including the SLPP Chairman of the District.

Alhaji Kanneh highlighted the Imam was suspended because he blasted Maada Bio’s for closing worship places for long time.

He added that the Imam may be dismissed from imamship activities in the chiefdom if the investigation finds the Imam liable.

Watch the video below: