On Friday 8th July 2022, the government declared Monday 11th July 2022 to be a public holiday with regard the Eid Ul Adha, which was celebrated on Saturday 9th July 2022.

Popular lawyer Yada Hashim Williams has took to his Twitter page and debunk the statement of the government.

“I know not of any laws that says when an holiday falls on Saturday, Monday should also be a declared one. If it falls on Sunday? Yes. But Saturday No. Past and the present governments have got it wrong. Holidays are liked but let them be predictable and in accordance with the law”.

Mr. Williams reference the public holiday act of 1932 chapter 58 section 2 which says “The days mentioned in the schedule shall be kept as public holiday in all public offices and banks in Sierra Leone: Provided that if any such day falls on a Sunday, the day next following, not being itself a public holiday, shall be kept as a public holiday in liue thereof”.