The dismissed Inspector-General Ambrose Sovula and his men came under the greatest test when women took to the streets on sultry Monday Morning on 4th July, this year.

It was a protest against economic hardship, and the women wanted government provide solutions almost overnight.

Their situation was die and pressing Instead of resulting to professionalism to handle the women’s riots, the then IG arrested and detained dozens , and later released those without charges. In a remorseful mood, the former IG appealed to the women to take courage

The arrest was a form of intimidation to deter the protesters as well as future protests. However, Sierra Leoneans zeal to take to the streets its not wavered despite the display of combat readiness from the police. The new IG Fayia Seliu comes at a time Sierra Leone faces several threats of protests linked to hard times.

Medical doctor, few
days ago, issued a strike notice to government for their welfare to be looked into although the strike is now all over Teachers too were on a go-slow quite lately owing to poor work conditions. The business community was also in a strike lately and signs that foretell future protests are visible.

The situation is really a trying time for the new IG who was approved yesterday by law makers Information reaching this press indicates that the August on Monday has been stated for nation-wide protests. The protests are meant to invite government’s attention to the intolerable hardship that has gripped the country Since President Julius Maada Bio came took over governance in 2018.

The demonstration, reliable sources informed this press will not be a one off exercise, it would continue until government listen to the people’s cries. The August 8 demonstration will be the first for the new Inspector-General, and attention would be paid to him about how he would contain the demonstrations. The action of his men during on that day would also shape civil-police relations in years to come. It would be a tough decision for the new IG about whether he would serve the people of Sierra Leone or President Julius Maada Bio. The new IG is in a situation between the devil and the deep blue see, He risks dismissal if he kicks against Bio’s interest.

Conversely, he loses public confidence and cooperation if he disrespects the will of the Majority. Calls for the IG to respect Sierra Leoneans will have poured in as real power belongs to the people b, and not the president.

In a democracy , the electorates are the kings and the masters while the president is their servants the same the same way consumers are Kings in a perfectly competitive market, and businessmen considered as servants.

The notion resonate with a provision in the constitution of Sierra Leone 19991 that Sovereignty n belongs to the people from whom government derives its powers n legitimacy and Authority.