Happy June, Sierraloadites!

Although a new month has begun, the last 31 days of May opened the door for new sounds to enter the Sierra Leonean music scene. While some songs continue to rule the music charts, other songs have started to dominate playlists.

Together,  musicians, entertainers have produced soundtracks that will power the waves.

Based on data gathered from its website at Sierraloaded Ranked, Views, Streams, and Downloads, Sierraloaded has compiled a list of its top May 2023 published songs to serve as a timestamp and give credit to the due date.

Below are the top songs released so far in May 2023.

10. Samza – Room (419 Downloads)

Former KSI (Kracktwist and Samza Investment) Frank Samza Serry popular known as Samza  has released his 1st solo album titled “On God.”

The “On God album” has 14 tracks and was created by a variety of producers, including Kargricson, Jamie Icepick, and Jassie Jozzy. The words of the rapper’s music portray the commonplace occurrences of humans.

In this track, Samza confessed the powers women posse being inside a room and the position they stand. It is arguable that women are more stronger, powerful and hold a strategic position when they are inside the room with their fiancée.

Check out the album right away on various streaming services and through Sierraloaded.sl, your go-to resource for business in Sierra Leone.

9. Samza – Put U Body Ft. Mello Seven (446 Downloads)

Samza, formerly of KME and KSI (Kracktwist and Samza Investment), just dropped his eagerly awaited album, “On God.”

When the Kracktwist and Samza fraternity was on the verge of disintegrating, album rumors started to swirl. The rumors persisted that Samza is something else without Kracktwist.

Samza has shown this via perseverance and putting the rumors to rest. He has proven to us that he is still capable of creating excellent songs sans Kracktwist.

There are 14 ear-pleasing tracks on this “On God” album for Sierra Leoneans’ adoring ears. Samza traveled the entire globe to include the biggest Sierra Leonean stars, including Mackmuday, Terror D, Jooel, Menace De General, Mello Seven, and others.

Grab your EarPods and enjoy what Samza has for you this 2023.

8. Kao Denero – Rep Mango Ft. Lima Cruz (451 Downloads)

Amb Kao Denero, owner of the Black Leo Record label, has on this song gave his devoted followers and detractors yet another bad-man song, Rep Mango, on which the rapper spits some wild verses and features Lima Cruz.

Rep Mango shows how the celebrity (Kao) carries on with his life despite both admirers and detractors. When a mango is ripe, the majority of people tend to use various techniques to remove it from the tree. As he compared the mango to his actual life experiences, Kao Denero said that he sees himself as the ripe mango.

You should add Kao Denero’s metaphor of eating a mango to your playlist for 2023 because he used it to depict his struggles in life.

Imagine a Rap song on an amapiano beat, He is a legend. You can choose not to like him, but you can’t take away his God given talent.

For Lima Cruz, he is exceptionally superb as he put his all to make the song a perfect collaboration and delicious meal for fans.

Master Tek deserves credit for the production. Go streaming and downloading the song on social media platforms. Don’t forget to follow the celebrity in his social media handles.

7. Samza – Take It Ft. Markmuday (556 Downloads)

Despite pulling up the album with such amazing styles of singing, Frank Samza on this song teamed up with Markmuday in the song titled “Take It” to add more rhythm to the album.

“Take It” is a song that depicts love as Samza and Markmuday urge their missing ribs to come collect what is endowed in them as men.  This song was produced by Jassie Jozzy.

Markmuday, is arguably a robust male vocalist from Sierra Leone who has performed on multiple successful songs. He has a booming voice and a tonal range that is packed with personality.

Go streaming and downloading!!! Enjoy “Take it” collaboration from the superfluous ‘On God’ album song.

6. Rap Gee – Pain Them (599 Downloads)

As major Sierra Leonean acts keep endorsing Brigadier (Rtd) Julius Maada Bio, Rap Gee Enama has joined the queue to endorse him as the re-elected President of The Republic of Sierra Leone come June 24, this year.

There has been controversies over the PAOPA regime and its undertaking since President took office in 2018. Some Sierra Leoneans are with the thoughts that the New Direction government has failed them while others are optimistic of sending President Bio back to state house.

On this regard, Rap Gee on his track has heaped praises at President Bio and his administration and pleaded for a second term for Maada Bio.

Go listen to this track and tell us your take to this endorsement track by Rap Gee.

5. P-Kay-Scatter ( 676 Downloads)

Sierra Leone TikTok Ambassador, and also Cribs International record label signed act Peter Komba stage name P-Kay has officially unveiled his debut single titled “Scatter.”

Early March this year, Cribs International record label unveiled the snippet which sparked reactions from Sierra Leoneans.

It is now officially unveiled for the listening pleasure  of fans and Sierra Leoneans. Go grab your EarPods and enjoy this amapiano banger from P-Kay.

Peter Komba, is one of Sierra Leone’s most followed on TikTok with a record 2.9 million followers and 50.8 million cumulative video likes. He is the latest musician in town.

4. Don-Creek-BOUNCE-ft.-Don-MystiqBoss-LAJRahim-D-WezardStarZeeColaboDaddy-GizzyMus-BEddie-Jay (721 Downloads)

NEA winning producer, Don Creek is back with his new single titled “BOUNCE.”

After dropping the mega smash hit “Take Me An” last year, Don Creek teamed up with some heavyweights to deliver another hit record for the fans 2023.

“BOUNCE” is a fun drill type song filled with catchy punchlines from Don Mystiq, Boss LA, Daddy Gizzy, Star Zee, Prezo Colabo, Rahim, Mus-B and Eddie Jay.

You won’t resist the vybes to this song as you place it 1st on your playlist for this year.

Check out this masterpiece produced beatz by Don Creek and enjoy a heavyweight collaboration.

3. Boss LA – Gron Get Yai Ft. Mello Seven (1,050 Downloads)

The CEO of Red Flag MUZIQ (R.F.M), King Boss LA, a multi-award-winning Sierra Leonean Hip-Hop, Afro-Fusion artist and stage performer, releases the dazzling smash “GRON GET YAI” featuring Mello Seven.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Red Flag Muzik, Amadu Bag stage name Boss LA has faced his hard times this year but has undoubtedly proven that he remains the King Kong of Sierra Leone Music category as he keeps dropping songs despite being in the male correctional center Freetown.

The celebrity, who was convicted of the crimes brought against him is firmly establishing a platform of hope for other prisoners and the rest of humanity, encouraging them that their current circumstances shouldn’t limit their potential.

This is evident from the fact that King Boss LA keeps releasing hot songs to fans one at a time. You should include this song on your playlist.

Because it is in their DNA to never let each other down, Boss LA’s collaborations with Mello 7 have always been a banger for both parties.

The ‘Gron Get Yai’ is a healing meditation for the soul. Go streaming and downloading and thank the rapper for this delicious meal.

2. Samza – Girls Ft. Jooel (2,397 Downloads)

When two kings of Afrobeats freestyle singers collaborated, the vybe is irresistible. The outcome becomes a tight challenge but a comfort for the listening ears of supporters.

Samza and Jooel, two talented young artists from Sierra Leone, worked together on this song while doing what they do best: creating quality music for their devoted audience.

This song is just a tip of the iceberg of the ‘On God’ album. This album comprises of 14 ear soothing tracks and wonderful collaboration nationally and internationally.

You will definitely love this track. Go grab your earphones and enjoy Sierra Leonean tunes.

1. Shekunta – APC Dae Rally Ft. Lox-P. Kracktwist (122,976 Downloads)

“APC Dae Rally” is the next mind-blowing masterpiece smash track from Shekunta (Number One). featuring Kracktwist and Lox P, two former KME megastars.

Shekunta Junior, also known as Shekunta Number Wan, has performed what is regarded as “doing the right song at the right time” as the June 2023 Presidential election approaches quickly. supported by Lox P (Ayv Cypher Winner) and Cracktwist (Lamina gboto).

The fact that this song’s title, “APC DAE RALLY,” raised expectations that it would be heavily political, was widely reported via numerous media outlets. Others implied that since the song’s title is familiar to the majority of Sierra Leoneans, it will undoubtedly be a love ballad.

However, is it possible that this song is a revolutionary song written specifically for the main opposition APC party? Or might this be a protest against the PPRC’s most recent news release on the ban on public protests for the next presidential election? In the meantime, we have yet to learn the truth. The adage “Never judge a book by its cover” applies here.

Meanwhile, Shekunta gained a lot of fans from one of the most popular reality TV shows in Sierra Leone, “Big Sister Salone,” after releasing hits like “Inside the Bondo Bush.” And ‘Amina U don Don Get Belleh’ etc., which is regarded as one of the most popular songs of all time, has finally released his first hit single of the year 2023.

Enjoy and let’s have your say on this top notch joint!!!