For a roguish, clueless president like Maada Bio to come to the American capital, Washington DC, and accuse the U. S. falsely of interfering in a general election that he shamefully stole in broad daylight is the height of impunity and his impudence is not only dangerously aggravating but will destroy the national psyche and the country’s economic future, if America decides to punish him further.

The U.S are not going to take kindly to Maada Bio’s allegations, especially when the verdict that Sierra Leone’s June 24 elections were rigged came not only from America but from local and international elections observer teams and from Sierra Leonean citizens themselves who demonstrated against the shameless elections’ robbery on September 11. What will actually infuriate America and Sierra Leoneans all over the world is Maada Bio’s psychotic and dysfunctional mentality to twist the facts to suit his criminal proclivity and his insane belief that he can get away with everything. By putting up such a public show of shame, Maada Bio has demonstrated that he is deranged. He is psychopathic and his brain has become unglued, disarranged and kleptocratic. He has no moral values or conscience.

For a man who calls himself president to think that he would disgracefully commit a blatant elections crime in full view of everybody and not only deny it but seek to blame an innocent country like America that was only trying to defend and preserve democracy in the country is also not only very infuriating but destructive to our national psyche.

Maada Bio’s criminal and lunatic public declarations of being victim in situations where everybody knows he is the culprit are teaching Sierra Leoneans, especially growing children , the wrong values —-that one can commit a crime and instead of owning up to it, put up a high – wire mind game , effuse impunity of the most contemptible , dishonorable , despicable , villainous and depraved kind and try to shamelessly bully his way out of it.

Maada Bio is destroying the cherished pillars of probity, integrity, honesty, uprightness, sincerity, truthfulness and rectitude in Sierra Leone with callous impunity. But we, the people of Sierra Leone blame America. Bio was to have been given a restricted visa to the UN in line with the recently imposed travel ban that would have stopped him from traveling to DC and seek to inject his poison of lies and disgraceful deceit into the minds of innocent listeners on the campus of American University. America cannot be lenient with tyrants like Maada Bio. They have seen now the true colors of the devil we have been profiling for long.

How dare Maada Bio lie on the United States? Everybody knows that he is a dwarfish thief who changed figures and cooked votes to have himself declared winner of the June 24 elections. He did not win the elections and to this day, his elections commissioner cannot disclose how he arrived at the results he announced. Nor has he produced the disaggregated polling stations results the U.S and international observers demanded. Bio and ECSL Commissioner Mohamed Kanneh fraudulently changed the polling stations results recorded on the RRF forms. Everybody knows that as the superpower of the world fighting to give democracy a solid foothold in the world, America was in no way interfering in the elections. America was trying to save our nascent democracy from being raped to death by the incubus Maada Bio.

Maada Bio needs to stop lying and tell the truth.

Maada Bio needs to also face reality that he is nothing but a nonentity, a nuisance, a maimed, maligned, defamed and disfigured gnat on the international political stage, who is not fit to criticize or engage in a power game with the U.S, the greatest superpower in the world. The sooner he realizes he is the fabled naked king , the better for his sick mind and the rabid supporters, bootlickers and sycophants supporting his vile criminality .Let the Putins and Xi Pings do it but not a retarded and illegitimate African president of one of the poorest countries in the world who cannot even feed himself, not to mention his people, without the U. S .Right now, because the international community has stopped funding his government, Maada Bio cannot pay salaries on time; he is not able to pay the karpower ship providing electricity to the capital and Freetown has reverted to its old image of being the darkest city in the world; he has lost control of the local currency and the economy and prices of basic commodities have gone through the roof. Everything is falling apart in the country and Bio depends on America to help him redress the situation. How can such a man antagonize the U.S, if he is not a reprobate?

If America decides to go the deep end with his nonsense and insolence and things deteriorate further, it is not the U. S that will suffer but the very Maada Bio and the poor, innocent Sierra Leoneans he is robbing blind and at the same time oppressing and stealing from them their monies and their rights to decide whom they vote in a president.

Maada Bio ‘s deranged and megalomanic behavior in Washington DC shows how much he values his own future, peace in the West African subregion and the welfare of the suffering people of Sierra Leone. It took the inevitable diplomatic policy of the UN to let even criminals attend the UNGA and the graces of the United Stated for the k-footed Maada Bio and his criminal delegation to be in the United States; he and his officials who stole the elections and their families are on a travel ban. A waiver of the travel ban by the U. S made possible the presence of a delegation to accompany him to the U. S. Was that the way to reward America?

A president who cares for himself and his people would have tried to be diplomatic and reconciliatory in his speech at American University. But what people saw on that podium in Washington DC was vintage Maada Bio. He is a puffed-up vandal who cares nothing for the truth and civility; a barbarian, an absolutist and despot living in his own world of deception and fraud; a brainless murderer who kills innocent people for fun and turns around and blames the poor victims.

But though he seems to be getting away with a lot, including thumbing his nose at the great United States, Maada Bio will reach his Waterloo. He is playing with fire and as the Osibisa Band of Ghana once sang: IF YOU PLAY WITH FIRE, FIRE WILL BURN YOU. The fires Bio has been playing with will burn him one day.

America has been challenged before by faceless tyrants but who triumphed at the end? One only needs to flip through the pages of history to see what happened to cantankerous dictators like Muamer Ghaddafi, Samuel Karyon Doe, Sadam Hussein, Francois Papa Doc Duvalier, Idris Deby, Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala in 1954; Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam in 1963; Salvador Allende of Chile in 1973 etc. etc.

Let Maada Bio continue his impudence towards America and the international community and let us see who loses in the end. One would only pray that when the time comes for Bio to receive his just recommence, he does not take our innocent nation down with him.