It has come to the notice of Civil Society Organisations and the general public that the Minister of Local Government has advised the president to use his authority to ask the Anti Corruption Commissioner to ask the Elected Mayor of Freetown Municipality Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr to step aside while the investigations of the alleged 2020 Audit Report is going on and when this is accomplished, they can now use the self created Resident Minister of Western Area Nabella Tunis to run the Affairs of the Municipality but as civil society Activists, we want to let the Government know that this has caught our attention and we will condemn it to the later.

Using a woman to fight another woman in Governance is nothing but a diabolical way of the male counterparts to continually wedging a knife in the fabrics that holds women together because they make up a greater percentage of the population of the country and if they unite themselves, they will surely build up a strong force to reckon with in every aspect of Governance to a point of even having female president.

More or less,we want the ministry to know that worst case scenario of what they are planning, section 100 of the Local Government Act 2004 make it very explicit of procedures and processes so they will not in any way succeed on this.

Thankfully, it was the Commissioner of the Anti Corruption Commission himself who made a public clarification of the Law that ” There is no Law which says a person should be relieved off his/her duties while investigating him/her” so we are waiting for the law to take a u-turn when it comes to an opposition politician.
Gone are the days when we will seat by and allow the ruling party to be suppressing and oppressing oppositions without us making lousy noises for the attention of the Moral Guarantors to save the hard earned Democracy we fought for as a Nation.