I have seen, in the past months, how Edwardians have emerged and converged to celebrate a century anniversary of arguably the best school in Sierra Leone. I was so amazed on how they were so united to get things done and bring out an incredible fanfare. Former students from all over the world flew in to Sierra Leone to join the scholarly festival. Those who even went to the school as briefly as a year or two wanted to be part of this year’s merriment. Millions of leones was spent on buying air tickets, school ragalia and refreshments for the occasion. The one-in-a-million event attracted thousands of Sierra Leoneans both home and abroad.

Some made enough cash out of it, others merely wanted to be part of the fanfare and stretch their financial muscles. Others wanted it for political gains and the genuine ones was part of it for the love they have for the school. Talking about genuine love for Edwards, let’s ask ourselves how many people really did it for love. Was the love for Edwards only for this celebration or was it for everything that had to deal with St Edwards secondary school.

My dad and his siblings all went to St Edwards secondary school. I went to Methodist boys high school. He is late today and the love he had for that school, he wanted to take it to his grave. He ordered us as (Children) to make sure he was buried with his St. Edwards attire. We did exactly what he wanted.

Now let me go to were exactly i wanted to go. With all this glamor and celebration/ fanfare around this year’s event, I have not heard much about what Edwardians want to do for their school’s football team in the Sierra Leone Premier League. The only school to have a football team in the country’s top flight football league . How much care have they shown. If they might have, i really don’t know but it has not been felt on the team.

We heard about a 100 man 100 instrument for the thanksgiving service . If that was so , can we have 100 man for 100 balls? Can we have 100 man for 100 playing boots ? Can we have 100 man to pay players decent salaries? Can we have 100 man to buy a 40 seater bus for the team? Can we have 100 supporters to chair the boys in their games ? Must Edwards rely on the Sierra Leone Premier league board for cash to play their games ? These are very few but many questions that need to be answered . I will advice that Edwards borrow a page from Bo Rangers . Bo Rangers came from a relegation threatened team to be one of the biggest giants in Sierra Leone Premier League. Many has tipped them and East End Lions to win the current Sierra Leone Premier League. Let me give a few words of advice, but before I do that, let me remind all edwardians that they will be relegate to the country lower League if actions are not taken . That will be a shame to all edwardians at home and abroad . Before you guys leave this country to go back to where you have come from to celebrate, please sit and organise one more event. I will name it as ‘ save Edwards football team.

My Dad younger brother was a secretary General before he died and I grew up washing Edwards Jersey and cleaning the players boots anytime I visit my uncle and today I am the chairman and owner of Premier league team in Sierra Leone, ‘ East End Tigers football club . As financially average as I am,I am doing it alone. What about the 100 man for 100 instruments. Tigers a one man fiancee team is better on the league table today than old edwardians football team. Am not bragging but just to tell you guys if am doing it all by myself you guys can do it better. Even though am going through much strain and trouble to mentained that. Those days were fun. You had players like Prince Moses aka “Tamba Goat”));, Abubakarr Tostao Kamara, Victor Konneh Jr”’. Amidu Karim current assistance coach for the national team ,Leone Stars . My favourite player was John Agina Sesay. Edwards is a great team and they have represented Sierra Leone in some continental competitions. Leaving St Edwards football team to be relegated will be regretted by all edwardians in the world and beyond. Souls of departed Edwardians will not rest neither will not forgive you guys .