Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, former leader and 2018 Presidential candidate of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) is being considered for medical attention abroad following his bail and release from prison. 

On Friday, September 8, the Court of Appeal presided by Justice Momoh Jah Stevens granted a thirty-million bail and two sureties to Mohamed Kamarainba Manasary. The decision to grant bail was reportedly made on compassionate grounds due to his present hospitalization at Connaught Hospital, where he is receiving treatment for an undisclosed illness.

Kamarainba has been receiving medical attention at the Connaught Hospital for nearly a year, with physicians striving to stabilize his condition.

“He has been here since September last year but there was a huge presence of security with armed personnel guiding him in the hospital. Before now, nobody could access him in hospital, but since he was granted bail, all the security personnel were withdrawn.

“Doctors infused into him blood every Wednesday because he is losing blood every day. They have recommended flying him to India for surgery and we are waiting on the government to give us clearance to fly him out,” an aide told Concord Times.

Although Kamarainba is now legally free to return home, sources indicate that he will remain at the hospital due to his need for ongoing medical care.

He was sentenced to seventy years in prison by Justice S. Taylor on Friday 17th February 2022, after he was found guilty of penetrating a fifteen-year school pupil in Koidu town, Kono.