APC Ernest Bai Koroma And Samura Kamara Stole 180 Million United States Dollars From EBK’s Chief of Staff Donor Projects

This is a brief of our chronological review of the acts and deeds of the builders of massive corruption in the name of Ernest Bai Koroma and his son Samura Kamara.

One characteristic virus that is very common among Sierra Leoneans is our insistence to show appreciation to the good work of others who sacrificed their lives to save us from invasion from abroad and stand firm to salvage our situation from the cronies left behind by unpatriotic individuals we once trust.

The World looks at us as ignorant humans lose of focus and vision as we continue to accept tokens from our very toils which have been exploited from the labor of our people. Our stupidity was demonstrated when we fail to demonstrate in favor of President Bio’s wise decision to expose the APC rogues through the establishment of the Commission of Inquiry presided by international judges of fame.

President Bio has sacrificed his life to defend Sierra Leone from the borders of Liberia to State House.

A fighter for human justice, President Julius Maada Bio took more than two decades to map out the plans and policies that will be much more suitable to revamp Sierra Leone as a vibrant Nation in preparedness for change for the better. Now that he is at the helm of affairs those who contributed to shame Sierra Leone from the eyes of the World are still working underground to create menace in our Peaceful Society.

Politician Samura Kamara is weak and incompetent but he is capable to play a major role as an insider. Those truly intelligent Sierra Leoneans who embrace the reality and are seeking to create a new life, a new society and a new and better Sierra Leone must understand that the quest can never fully satisfied until Sierra Leoneans everywhere take their rightful place as Brothers and Sisters of the Earth to abstractly condemn, disown and collectively vote against the so-called APC Party in any forthcoming elections because they are thieves.

Upon his coming to State House, the first symbolic approach that President Bio did was to nullify the hundred donor projects that were assigned to the Chief of Staff of Ernest Bai Koroma and employed 150 Staff from civil to the public service without an iota of evidence of what these projects have really implemented.

The employees report monthly to collect their salaries while they stay elsewhere working.

These people are those who were loyal to the APC party and are selected nationwide out of their pragmatic approach to defend the ideals of the party. All reports presented to donors were edited by Kelfala Marrah who is very competent in such a domain. Politician Samura Kamara’s role was to distribute 58% of the donor’s funds to account numbers bearing different names and signatures. 12% were paid to workers who pretentiously work on these projects. 30% was injected to other sectors that was why upon investigation by President Bio’s team there was nothing worth pointing at as evidence bearing the so-called projects

The conspiracy between the two was this: Ernest Bai Koroma has confidence on Samura Kamara that he will not reveal this nefarious transactions not even to his closest.

Ernest Bai Koroma promised him the flag-bearership by manipulating the constitution to adopt the selection clause which he did and certainly gave Samura Kamara his first public appearance as flagbearer to the All People’s Congress (APC) to the detriment of its members and supporters.


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  • Sahid MohamedKamara | 2022-09-09 11:04:35
    Mr. Author, I am sure you are unable to understand well what you have written because of your narrow thinking. Are you sure you want to compare Bio and Earnest Koroma. Please think twice before you do anything like that. Bio's government only tries to satisfy people like you who keep on praising him for all his evils. Bio himself knows that he has failed this nation. He confessed that in his Tweet and blames people like you who gives him the wrong advice and praises because of your selfish motives. Let me educate you a little. Since Sierra Leone gained it Independent in 1961, this is the worst government we have had. It is the most brutal government we have voted for. This is the only government that has killed more innocent people than any other government that has existed because it is indeed a REBEL government. This is not an SLPP government but it a PAOPA government, so please think before write. This is the only government that has confessed that they BRIBED the public with $68.5m confessed in Parliament by the Bank Governor.What can you say about that? The same Governor told the public that Le 800 billion was stolen from the Central Bank. Have you ever thought about it? Please think twice before you speak, write or criticise. Look and examine yourself before you criticise others. Truly look at the hardship that is felt by your family/people in the country and compare it to any other government, look at the cost of fuel, look at the cost of food items, the amount of money stolen by your President and the first Lady, look at the the number of times your President has travelled with his family on private occasions using our resources, look at the number of times money has been missing from the Bank of Sierra Leone, look at the number of innocent people killed without justification etc etc. Please read this and compare Bio is definitely going to the answer for all these misdeeds. Perhaps you are willing to join him to face the ICC.Samura Kamara and Earnest are not facing the ICC. Earnest is a thief but he is the Head of the All Elections in Africa. Please think again.
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