Our dynamic and indefatigable outgoing Chairman and Leader, who doubles as former President, Dr. Ernest Bai Bureh Koroma was leading our nation considering traditional, socio-economic, and regional development in a grand style.

He manifested the belief that Africa was possessing credible leaders. We surely rejoiced to realize that at this level, we got the right person at the right time and place.

His visions and aspirations for our nation unfold as the clock ticks. With a religious upbringing, he has been very tolerant, patient, crossly determined, and in all challenges carefully steered the growth of our nation to where we have found ourselves. His tasks are collosal but handle them towards the direction of our expectations.

The former President well knows the biased critics and the counterproductive gangs who always strive to misinterprete, misrepresent, and carve situations that could show that our fast-developing nation was ungovernable. In all the so far nation development agenda, the product of his efforts and struggles are visibly seen in the four cardinal points in and outside Mama Salone.

I think Pa Koroma is an “African-Democratic Leader”. Our dynamic and indefatigable outgoing Chairman and Leader, who doubles as Former EBBK’s possesses good leadership qualities such as a vision, focus, and belief in inclusion and collective responsibility, Rallys with supporters and all, Commands great positions of trust in the international setups, Empowered ACC and the judiciary. Empowered the youths, women and the physically challenged Caused Sierra Leone to be recognized by the western world as one of the fastest-growing economies.

He created freedom of expression.
He has never jailed any political detainees or imprisoned them after the transition reports of 2007, despite they being found wanting. With efficient and effective service delivery he was gradually changing Mama Salone into a better nation in time.

He created the enabling environment, security, and facility for all rife former and deputy leaders by providing them their due benefits, incentive, pension, and utility service, including our current President of this nation H. E Dr.Julius Maada Bio.
Before this, he continues to lead as an example, he maintains his democratic credibility not pushing or even extending the general date scheduled for March 2018.