Most people are surprised that Marcella is speaking nonsense, and behaving otherwise after President Bio has appointed his Director of Communications.
Marcella has always pretended to be a nonstate actor, yet, her emotions keep betraying her.

If Marcella is for the people, then why so unjust? When did Myke Berewa use invectives on social media. Myke Berewa is from a well-cultured home, with high discipline. Who are you Marcella to tell President Bio who to appoint to positions of trust. Marcella never voted for President Bio so she should keep quiet.

Marcella when are you opposed to Mammy Cuss Bomba APC – Do you think the platform you have now is going to exist forever – no way. You must drop down from the Civil Society stage and you will know how much confusion you have caused in this country by using your political lens to picture good people badly.

Is Marcella truly not aware of the APC Mammy Cuss, and the bigot Aki Sawyer and Samura Kamara. Marcella is so annoying, and anytime one sees her face, one thinks of deception.

Where has Myke Berewa been rude and insolvent like Marcella’s APC colleagues.

Marcella should be celebrating if she is a true human rights activist because President Bio has provided electricity for Kono, a spec that Marcella’s APC never did in eleven years. Marcella should be educating the populace about the University that President Bio is constructing in Kono, as well as the New Airport in Lungi. Is Marcella aware that President Bio is educating our nation, a novelty that now permeates the whole world? But these successes are truly making Marcella angry and confused, thinking that her APC will never come to power again. That Marcella criticize and smear the image of Myke Berewa came as no surprise.

Marcella and her APC are afraid of the prowess of Myke Berewa whose simple duty is to inform the people about the activities of the Presidency.

Look, Marcella, you should use your energy to talk about the successes of the Bio regime. Instead, Marcella is busy tarnishing the good image of the SLPP regime. True to say, President Bio has disappointed Marcella by not walking in her own designed world. Being that the SLPP government has performed exceptionally well, Marcella and her cohorts in the APC are sick and tired of seeing the progress that the SLPP has achieved in five years.

Marcella should produce evidence that Myke Berewa has ever got involved in Mammy Cuss or verbally insulted anyone on social media.

Get blind Marcella if you do not want to see the successes of the Bio regime. Paopa Salone for betteh.