Last week, Sierra Leone’s social media platforms were set abuzz by photographs capturing Dr. Samura Kamara, the presidential candidate of the APC, in a seemingly congenial embrace with members of the SLPP, most notably David Sengeh. These snapshots were taken at an event organized by the US embassy and promptly became the talk of the nation.

However, what appeared to be a friendly interaction between political rivals left many APC supporters feeling bewildered and betrayed. Their discontent can be attributed to several reasons:

  1. During the current political boycott orchestrated by the APC, supporters have been yearning for more communication from Dr. Samura. They feel he’s been too reticent, failing to provide updates on the ongoing behind-the-scenes negotiations. Despite numerous pleas, Dr. Samura remains notably silent.

  2. Many dedicated APC supporters have made profound sacrifices, including loss of life, freedom, and property, in their pursuit of a presidential victory for Dr. Samura Kamara. Notable examples include Evangelist Samson, Haja Hawa Dumbuya, the young man shot outside the party office, the many lives lost during the August 10th protest, and other arrests and detentions of ordinary citizens and politicians.

  3. Rumors swirled that Dr. Samura had clandestine meetings with President Maada Bio without disclosing these discussions to party executives or supporters.

The sight of Dr. Samura embracing and sharing smiles with individuals perceived to have played a role in the human rights abuses against APC supporters left many deeply disheartened. For them, it appeared as though Dr. Samura was cozying up to those complicit in their suffering.

However, it is essential to acknowledge the complexities Dr. Samura faces as the leader of the APC during these challenging times:

1. Balancing Act:

Dr. Samura must navigate a delicate path amidst a party infiltrated by betrayers and a political climate fraught with uncertainty. His role involves maintaining confidentiality concerning sensitive discussions with African organizations, international partners, and other stakeholders. These discussions are pivotal, and leaks could jeopardize both APC supporters and the nation.

2. Smart Politics:

Dr. Samura is a seasoned politician who understands the nuances of politics. His approach may not be flashy, but it is strategic. In the realm of politics, dialogue is indispensable. Effective communication between the APC and SLPP is essential, especially as discussions with international bodies like the Commonwealth Secretariat, AU, and ECOWAS loom. Unity is paramount for the nation’s future beyond these negotiations.

3. Pursuit of National Unity:

Above all, the unity of Sierra Leone is a central theme in these discussions. Regardless of political affiliations, Sierra Leoneans must coexist harmoniously after international partners and regional bodies have departed. In this light, the exchange of smiles and handshakes between politicians should not be viewed as compromising principles but as a gesture towards unity.

Dr. Samura Kamara’s quiet and diligent work behind the scenes seeks to restore democracy, transparency, and national unity. To those who are frustrated, patience is called for, as the outcome of these discussions may bear fruit in the long run. Dr. Samura’s commitment to his principles and the welfare of Sierra Leone remains unwavering.

In the end, it’s the collective effort of Sierra Leoneans that will shape the nation’s future, and unity remains the ultimate goal, regardless of the smiles and hugs exchanged in the realm of politics.

Let’s exercise patience and await the results of these crucial discussions, confident in Dr. Samura’s dedication to Sierra Leone’s wellbeing.

Together for a United Sierra Leone.