After Four Years in Power, Who Will Finish SLPP Office?

Questions about who will finish Sierra Leone People’s Party Headquarters, in Freetown lingers as President Julius Maada Bio slowly rides into the sunset.

Signs have also foretold that the building will not be completed until SLPP leaves power since the party has just a few months more to go. It is also four years now since the renovation and extension Project commenced for a party that occupied the seat of power and is the custodian of the state resources.

The walls of the new extension remain unpaved and unpainted. No window frames have been fixed let alone glasses, and the old dusty green paints still hang on the building. The culture of neglect which is deeply ingrained among SLPP Politician situations invites the questions about the love of party officials for the party.

The partying power has slightly above four years but has shown any readiness to complete a renovation project that started years ago. SLPP Communication and other gadgets remained in other buildings since the renovation started. Daily Mail office, a building of antiquity that houses receive much of SLPP Staff, stationary and other Paraphernalia.

The party officials and operatives stay since they know it is pro bronco. It is never a cost on the party fund as they will pay none throughout theirs.Many say SLPP could not afford to take a building that they pay for.

The question about office completion is relevant and still lingers since much time and money has been spent on it.



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