Sierra Leone’s main opposition party, All People’s Congress (APC) hinted that they will not seek redress in court amid controversy over the 24 June elections result.

The party’s National Secretary-General, Lansana Dumbuya said the country’s Judiciary is biased citing some unassigned cases the APC filed to the Judiciary.

He said his party petitioned 33 members of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) from contesting due to issues like dual citizenship and election violence in Bo and Kenema High Court.

“The said matters were never heard,” Dumbuya said.

He added that a similar matter was brought up against some APC Parliamentarians to which the court heard and ruled against them.

“A controversial ruling was made in favour of the SLPP – cancelling those elections,” the APC National Secretary General said.

He added that the Judiciary went rogue by violating the Public Elections Act when they selected the SLPP candidates “who were distance away runners up” to replace the APC MPs.

Dumbuya also cited a case in 2019 which was filed by the Sierra Leone Bar Association (SLBA) against the Commissions of Inquiry (COI).

“The application was never listed for hearing,” he said.

This new development by the main opposition is in negation with what the former Secretary General of the Interim Governance and Transition Committee (ITGC), Abdul Kargbo said in a radio interview about a week ago.

Kargbo said the party will challenge the elections result in court.

By law, the APC are mandated to challenge the result within six days of its announcement.

In lucid terms, the window period is set to end this week.