Hon Mohamed Bangura, one of the members of Parliament who decided to turn down his party’s decision to boycott governance has said that it remain just nine Parliamentary Sitting for the 52 MPs.

Hon Mohamed Bangura who is representing Karene district said that he has done the right thing by refusing to listen to the unwise decision of his All People’s Congress (APC) party to boycott Parliament.

He noted that he is in Parliament because 77,000 people voted for him, adding that while he believes that there are many electoral lapses by ESCL, the party must represent the people who voted for them.

On the issue of facing a disciplinary committee by the party, Hon Bangura stated that he paid for the nomination fee by himself and not the party.

He said that instead of the party coming out with a release that he should face a disciplinary committee, the party should consider reformation.

He went on to say that as a lawmaker he has subscribed to the oath, revealing that if the party expels him, he will go to the Supreme Court

He explained that there is no election that is perfect not even in the USA and UK, noting that political parties are not social clubs and should operate within the law and in the interest of the people. He further stated that this is the time the APC should come together to find ways in which the party can win the 2028 elections rather than fighting each other.

He reiterated his call for the 52 members of parliament to take their seat because they need strong and vibrant opposition in parliament.