Former All People’s Congress (APC) Member of Parliament for Constituency 072 in Masiaka, Alimamy Brun Kanu is reportedly on the run.

The Nationalist Newspaper reported that Kanu fled fearing that he could be implicated as orchestrator of post elections violence in the town.

Some residents in the town -50 miles outside the capital Freetown, took the streets following announcement of results. Reports indicated that the violence was mainly between supporters of the main opposition APC and Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP). The riot led to the death of at least one person.

Kanu was reported to have been in Masiaka during the riot but has now fled fearing that he could be arrested on allegations of plotting the riot.

It is indicated that there is a no love lost between Kanu and the SLPP due to his condemnation of some of their policies in the well of Parliament.