Due to the contentious debate over the fairness of the June 24 elections, Former Attorney General and member of the All People’s Congress (APC) Party, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara has requested for the release of the disaggregated results of the June 24 elections.

In a recent tweet, the Lawyer states “what we do have to pay to get the disaggregated results of the June 24th Elections? $444 million MCC Grant suspended , lives lost in Protest, others facing prosecution and hardship has come to dwell amongst us.- Toil, tears and blood we have paid but to no avail. But relent we shall not

The APC Party elected members of Parliament boycotted the oath taking session at the  well of parliament  on 13th July 2023 due to the party’s (APC) decision. The party was informed by some its supporters and members to stay away from participating in governance until certain demands are met.

APC Elected Member of Parliament and Deputy National Secretary General, Osman Timbo has revealed that one of their primary demands  is the publication  of the disaggregated June 24 Elections  results,

The implications of this boycott are not immediately clear but beg the various questions whether their demands will be addressed?

Osman Timbo also stated “I wholeheartedly, without any form of compulsion, endorse my party’s (APC) decision, informed by its supporters and members, to stay away from participating in governance until certain demands are met –primary amongst them (in my view) is the publication of the disaggregated polling station results to corroborate the flamboyant results read out by the ECSL – remember, this ECSL and other state institutions and CSOs have many a time reminded us that it is the ECSL that has the sole mandate to publish results.
Final results MUST accurately represent the total tally of those votes validly cast at every polling station. It should not take more than a day after the announcement of the final results for that to be published (for the sake of transparent and ‘saful’ elections) as even an uneducated man would expect that it is a simple addition of the 1 + 1 votes from the polling stations that should equal to the total final figures announced.”