2023 Hajj Pilgrims have called on President Bio to work with the opposition amid his victory in the just concluded elections of June 24th 2023. They urged President Julius Maada Bio to work in tandem with the opposition in a bid to develop the country and promote peace, whiles congratulating him on his re-election. The Pilgrims asked that the leaders set aside their differences and work towards developing Sierra Leone.

Alhaji Brima Koroma, a pilgrim, called for togetherness, adding that the leaders should all work towards ensuring peace and national cohesion reign. He said: “Leaderships from Allah bestows honor and leadership goes to whom Allah has destined it for. For Sierra Leone, Alah has chosen President Bio to govern Sierra Leone and as this is the will of Allah, we should not deny it.”

Another Pilgrim, Haja Zainab Barrie Lappia, called on the President to govern the country as a father by embracing those from the political divide. She said that they have prayed for peace and stability in the country and called on politicians to think and work in the interest of the country to ensure that there’s peace and tranquility. “I am also praying that Allah would give His Excellency President Dr. Julius Maada Bio for the requisite wisdom to govern Sierra Leone justly,” Lappia said.

 Like Lappia, Alhaji Amadu Lakoh called on the President to call the opposition parties onboard and work towards the betterment of the nation He said “Alhamdulilah the elections went on peacefully and His Excellency President Dr. Julius Maada Bio was constitutionally declared as the winner of that presidential election. Therefore, everyone should come on board and work with President Bio to develop the country.”

Sierra Leone has an amount of six hundred and fifty-two (652) pilgrims participating in this year’s Hajj in the Muslim Holy City of Makkah, these pilgrims consist of six hundred and forty ordinary pilgrims, seven government officials, two doctors, one pharmacist, and two nurses.

They are said to return to Sierra Leone on 22 July 2023. Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) reports that the total number of pilgrims performing this year’s Haj is One Million Eight Hundred and Forty-five thousand and forty-five (,845,045). He added that among the pilgrims, One Million Six Hundred and Sixty Thousand Nine Hundred and fifteen (1,660,915) pilgrims are from other countries.