Political analyst, Dr Sylvia Blyden, was captured in photos, greeting the All People’s Congress leader, Dr Samura Kamara with courtesy, on a burial gathering at the Foulah Town community in Freetown.

The Photos showed the analyst remaining poised as she bowed her head in respect and cheerfully greeted Dr Samura Kamara and other APC big guns.

Reacting to the said photos on Social Media, Sylvia Blyden claimed she did that out of respect as she is known for been a cultured African woman. She wrote:

“Dr. Samura Kamara & his Media Team were at my late Aunt’s funeral yesterday (27/08/23) at Foulah Town. People who truly know me will confirm I am naturally a very humble African woman; so I bow my head and lower my eyes when I greet older people or traditional leaders – even if they belong to APC Jihadists faction.

Dr. Samura Kamara is not only a much Older man but he is de-facto APC Leader so I bowed to greet both him and Uncle Osman Yansaneh because I’m naturally an African woman who is always full of humility when greeting people. Inside the APC party, na mere policy difference we get. No to personal malice.😀😃😀

So those who ATTACK my person to extent of threatening my Well-Being over our mere policy differences, should prepare to face the Law when the Law comes knocking. I say no more on that. Stay tuned for more soon. Lonta.”