Relationships can be extremely challenging. There are so many variables, so many emotions, and most importantly, so much history.

Romantic relationships go through their trials and tribulations, just like all relationships throughout life. One of the major issues facing relationships is trust. No one can realistically be with their partner 24 hours a day. There are times when each person will be out, living their own lives, which leaves some room for the imagination to run wild.

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that your woman may be cheating on you? What if she isn’t, and you ruin your relationship by accusing her? How do you know for sure before confronting her?

Let’s take a look at some red flags that may help you determine whether or not your girlfriend is, in fact, sleeping with someone else.

She Will Avoid You

If she’s just coming from one of her cheating expeditions, there’s a huge chance coming close to you will seem a little difficult for her. If you are the type that hugs or kisses your girlfriend whenever she arrives from work or any outing, you have an advantage here. Notice her reaction; she won’t be too psyched about being affectionate.

She is Unusually Quiet

Amateur cheaters may feel guilty immediately after their affair outside the relationship. If your girlfriend isn’t naturally an introvert that keeps to herself half the time, then being quiet is a good sign she was up to something earlier.

You’ve caught her lying about who she’s with and where she’s at

The third sign of infidelity is when you catch your partner lying about important matters couples shouldn’t lie to each other about.

She is paying more attention to her looks

One of the best physical signs your girlfriend just slept with someone else is when your girlfriend changes her wardrobe and starts taking care of the way she looks.

She is more reserved, quiet and spaced out

When your girlfriend’s personality suddenly changes to a more reserved type, your girlfriend is likely feeling anxious about her unfaithfulness and is doubting her commitment