Anthony Navo Jr., Chairman of the East End Lions has formally embraced Charlie Wright as the club’s fresh Head Coach. (

Charlie Wright’s selection follows an extensive quest for the ideal candidate to guide the Lions on their journey towards triumph in the Sierra Leone Premier League.

Navo conveyed his enthusiasm for this pivotal juncture, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce Charlie Wright as our new Head Coach for East End Lions. He is an established coach and a skilled team leader, aligning seamlessly with our vision for the club in the Premier League.”

The East End Lions have maintained a distinguished presence in the football realm, and this appointment signifies their resolute ambition to sustain their upward trajectory.

Navo further affirmed, “As Chairman, I eagerly await the opportunity to support him and his team in realizing their full potential in the upcoming months and years, with a positive influence!”

Charlie Wright, now at the helm as Head Coach, brings a trove of experience and a winning mindset to the squad. His prior achievements and strategic approach to the game render him an enticing choice to lead the Lions to new pinnacles.

This appointment heralds the commencement of a thrilling era for East End Lions, and fans are eagerly anticipating the accomplishments that Charlie Wright and his team will attain under the guidance of Anthony Navo Jr.