Leone Stars team Manager, Babadi Kamara says he is not in support of SLFA decision to ask Foreign Players to return their suitcases after AFCON competition during an interview with 98.1 radio this morning.

He confirmed that he is not aware of any meeting or decision  of the Football Association  Instructing players to return their Kits after the Competition. The chairman stated that if the Sierra Leone Football Association or anybody is requesting for the Player’s suitcases then it’s a Surprise to him.

He further clarifies that if SLFA would have decided to do something like this, prior to the AFCON tournament, they should have set the necessary conditions by placing everything on paper. He emphasized that the Sierra Leone Football Association should have done the needful by subjecting the Players to sign everything on Paper such as match bonuses, equipment status and allowances to  further prevent conflict.

The team manager further recalled that after Leone Stars three friendly matches in Morocco, he did a comprehensive report and recommendations to the Football Association which captures all these challenges. However, it appears the report fell on deaf ears.

He further pointed out that every equipment used in such competition like AFCON are things players should keep and cherish for the rest of their lives. He noted that asking players to return Suitcase that is worth less than 100$ is inhumane

He further revealed that Government provided all the necessary funding for the team to be well taken care of during the AFCON Competition.

He further revealed that Leone Stars Revered Defender Steven Caulker  was very angry after the competition because many things went wrong in Cameroon.