The Chairman of Bo Rangers football club, Babadi Kamara has reacted to the misfortunes and the wrong decisions of Leone Stars player, Musa Noah Kamara, popularly known as Musa Tombo. 

Musa Tombo who has over the years being signed Internationally by different countries chose to stay and play in Sierra Leone community leagues and the National football team, Leone Stars.

Few days after their defeat to the Eagles of Mali in the CHAN 2022 qualifiers, Leone Stars Team-B departed from Liberia for an intensive trainings ahead of their return leg in September. On their arrival in Sierra Leone a leaked video by one of the Leone Stars players in the bus showed how Musa was misbehaving to the whole team including the Head coach and some key stakeholders over his request of not wanting to join the team in their training camp in Kenema.

The video went viral to the extent there were comments from the blue app for his actions. In the Team bus, Musa was spotted hitting the door of the bus in the intent of damaging the door if his request was not heed to. The Head coach who has ordered all players to assembly in Kenema for their trainings, was shocked to receive the request from Musa. According to video, Musa requested for his passport book and to be highlighted from the bus as he was not interested in travelling to Kenema anymore.

Few hours after the controversy with the team and Head coach, Musa was allegedly seen playing a community league at attouga Mini complex. The player was spotted wearing a number 9 Jersey for the Sea Side community. Sierra Leoneans seeing this on the blue app, questioned the decision of player.

As Sierra Leoneans are perplexed to the Musa Tombo football saga over the years and to date, the Chairman and Manager of Bo Rangers football club, Babadi Kamara has disclosed what he thought is the reason behind to Musa’s misfortune in his football career.

According to Babadi, Musa is suffering from a brain disorder with the symptoms of autism. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability caused by differences in the brain. Babadi furthered that, as a result of the autism, Musa’s decision making is mostly not in his own hands.

Mr. Babadi Kamara continued saying that, because of Musa’s differences in brain, people pretend to be helping Musa when behind the scene they are the very ones destroying his football career. To further enlighten and proven his claims, Babadi mentioned the wife of Musa Tombo as one of the reasons to Musa’s misfortunes. This he said because, he was certain that Hawa urged Musa to leave the national team in the name of spending family time with her.

“…You asked your man to leave the national team simply because you want him to be with you..” Babadi mentioned.

Babadi furthered his blames to the society as he believes the society is not helping Musa. The society which despite knowing the player plays for the national team still calls him for community leagues.

With dismay and pity for the celebrity, Babadi Kamara said this:

The chairman and manager of Bo Rangers Mr Babadi karmara has this to say about Musa Tombo situation trending 👇👇

Yesterday I asked here that if anyone knows who drove Musa from Bo to Freetown?
Zainu was quick to say it doesn’t matter who drove him to Freetown.
When we understand what Musa is suffering from then we will realize and appreciate the fact that it is only those going up and down with Musa that will help him but unfortunately those going up and down with him are more harmful to Musa than we think.
Musa, from all indication is suffering from autism and as such his decision making are most times not in his own hand.
In Liberia I am reliably informed Hawa was there and the same Hawa urged Musa to come to Freetown and drove him to town.
How can any reasonable person do such a thing to who she calls her husband?
You asked your man to leave the national team simply because you want him to be with you. You keep manipulating the poor boy and everyone says Musa is this and Musa is that.
I have known Musa for few years now and I have the authority to talk about who Musa is and what inform his actions. Two things only move and motivate his actions, Money and woman.
I also pity him so much because it seems there is no family member strong enough to stand for Musa.
Society is also not helping Musa. How could any patriotic individual ask a national team player to leave the team to come play a community league?
All of these are compounding the problem for Musa but our focus is only on the poor boy whose sense of thinking doesn’t equate to his age.