The Sierra Leone Ambassador of Sport Charlie Bio has written a Passionate Apology to Leone Stars Players. The apology came as a result of the recent Suitcase fracas between the Football Association and the players.

Ambassador Bio started by  expressing  thanks and appreciation to all players for their diligent service to the nation and to represent us in the just concluded African Cup of Nations.

He pointed out that It is rather unfortunate that Players are going through a saga over Suitcases that were given them for the enhancement of their football kits movements.

He assured the players that the  request made by the Football Association to return the suitcase is rather unfortunate and crude. He believes those Suitcases should serve as souvenirs to them for a job well done.

He tendered the apology by stating ”on behalf of the Sports Ambassadorial office and the sport Ministry, I tender our deepest apologies for such a request which has brought so many attention and debate to the point that lots of misunderstanding has taken place amongst stakeholders within the sporting family. I look forward to a health preparedness for the upcoming African Cup of Nations 2023 qualifiers and I believe we are going to deliver again on our promise that we are going to be participants in every AFCON with Support from Government.”

He concluded by calling on the attention of  the players to accept their apologies as they look forward to a prosperous and united one minded footballing nation.