The lack of an accredited medical team during league matches has been a serious concern amongst football fans following the ongoing Sierra Leone Premier League.

Recently, a photo has been circulating on Social media showing four volunteer boys with a stretcher serving as paramedics in one of the several matches at the National Stadium. Besides, the Bai Bureh Warriors of Portloko football team were also spotted recently with the wrong Player’s equipment

These concerns are pointing to the fact that the Sierra Leone Premier League board is struggling to provide proper administration for the successful completion of the Second rounds of the Premier League. However, Some supporters are also with the view that Premier League clubs must have a standby medical team as part  of their team’s structure.


In recent times, the Sierra Leone Football Association has provided a financial support of Four hundred Million Leones (Le 400’000) to the Sierra Leone Premier League Board (SLPLB) ahead of the resumption of the second Round of the League which is set to commence today Friday

The said amount is to boost the administrative running of the PLB as they look forward to receive huge Government support and attracting lucrative sponsorship agreement with potential Sponsors.