FC Kallon Supporters Management has issued a statement asking for the immediate release of one of their fan Mohamed Medo Mansaray from the custody of  Bo Police station.

The Sierra Leone Premier League supporters Management believes that football matter should be treated within the frame of football. However, they pointed out that it seems like this matter is turning into something else.

The Management alleges through a Facebook post on their official page that an order from above is keeping the innocent boy in Police custody from the 27th March to date. The Supporters  Management of club claimed they want to know the order form above.

The Supporters Club executive claimed they have done everything possible for his release. However, police are refusing to grant bail to Medo in custody. We need an answer from the Sierra Leone Police this country is for all Sierra Leoneans.

Meanwhile, Medo was allegedly beaten up by the Sierra Leone Police and fans of Bo Rangers and he needs medical attention. They conclude that they demand his release immediately.