There has been blames and blasts since since wife of Musa, Hawa Tombo came into the Tombo family. Many Sierra Leoneans and media loving fans blamed and blasted Hawa as the cause of their marital instability.

Following to the misfortunes of Musa, over these years, Hawa is always given a portion of Musa’s wahala. This was because, Many were looking at Hawa to be the central figure that has been misleading the husband, Musa Tombo.

Few days ago, Musa Tombo’s contract with Bo Rangers FC was terminated without notice. It was a shock to fans and supporters of Bo Rangers and Sierra Leone Premier League fans. According to the Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers FC, Babadi Kamara, they had built a reputation long ago and Musa will not be the reason to destroy what they had laboured for.

Few hours after terminating the contract with Bo Rangers, wife of Musa, Hawa Tombo leaked out screenshot chats of her, Babadi and an agent. According to the screenshots, Hawa Tombo was at the centre negotiating a transfer deal of Musa to another club, while his contract with Bo Rangers FC was still intact.

Mr. Babadi Kamara also disclosed that, Hawa Tombo was the reason why Musa misbehaved in the team’s national bus on their to Kenema. According to Babadi Hawa instructed Musa to highlight from the bus to spend some time with her after their home match with the Eagles of Mali on their way to Kenema.

In a video taken by his teammates, Musa misbehaved in the bus until his request was granted and highlighted. This is one of the reasons among others that is giving Sierra Leoneans the gist of Hawa being Musa’s problem.

On Musa’s recent TikTok video, he disclosed that when he discussed his situation in Libya to Hawa, the responses of Hawa were not favourable. Instead, Hawa told him to die in Libya if he wished, and that his death has nothing to do with her. His family will only bear the pain of loosing him as she will get another man to marry her.

Many Sierra Leoneans are looking at Hawa to be a contributing factor to Musa’s misfortunes because she has always been in wrong part of every Musa Tombo’s sagas. There are others who still believes that Hawa Tombo is just a victim of circumstances as allegations levied on her are not true.