Leone Stars strikers and newly unveiled signing for Libyan club, Al-lttihad SC, Musa Tombo has on a video disclosed that, his wife, Hawa Tombo is the major contributor if he dies in Libya.

Musa Noah Kamara was few days ago officially announced by the Libyan Premier League Champions, Al-lttihad SC during training season ahead of their CAF match in Tanzania.

When the team departed to Tanzania, sources reached Sierraloaded that Musa Tombo was left out from the CAF squad on the excuse of Musa being tired and couldn’t trained with the team on his arrival.

Few hours after the departure of the Al-lltihad SC to Tanzania, we meant to know that Musa was to travel to Egypt for trainings later on.

On a video that surfaced the web hours ago, Musa Tombo disclosed that the went to Libya to test the atmosphere and see if the environment could befit his life.

“I told my agent I will come to Libya to observe the place, if I am ok, I will stay or else I will leave…” Musa Tombo explained.

On his arrival in Libya few hours, Musa disclosed that he heard gun shots in the neighborhood which he looked at to be a threat to his life. These gun shots are now the reason he wants to leave Libya to return to Sierra Leone.

“I arrived on Sunday and in Monday, I started hearing gun shots… The place is not safe for me…” Musa lamented.

Must continued that, when he discussed his condition and fears, to his wedded wife, Hawa Tombo, Musa alleged that Hawa said it is not her business.

“..When I explained my situation that if I stay in Libya I will die, Hawa said let me die and that when it happened, my family will bear the pain of loosing me, and that I (Hawa Tombo) will remarry again to someone else….” Musa disclosed with heavy heart.

The player is ready to return to Sierra Leone at anytime from now from our sources.