Leone Stars Prolific Forward Kei Kamara has expressed his frustration over unscrupulous Sierra Leoneans Spreading Fake news on Russia Ukraine War. Kei reacted because the the video is making rounds on social media and many had forwarded it to him.

He described the perpetrators as idle Sierra Leoneans voicing over negative video that not only disinform people but paints a very bad picture about Sierra Leone and the current President Bio.

In his irritated mood, Kamara emphasized that this is not about APC or SLPP. He confirmed that there are people in the diaspora who are taking advantage of the fact that many Sierra Leoneans are gullible to fake media contents and they like to share without confirming social media contents.

He further pointed out that these perpetrators might be doing well in Europe with good jobs and pay Cheque. Despite their enviable condition, they fueling situation that would cause instability back home. Kamara confirmed that some of these people need to disappear before Sierra Leone can develop

He concluded that there are many Sierra Leoneans doing great job in the diaspora but people don’t have time to celebrate and share there success story