As social media comments and misconceptions over the Musa Tombo’s video and photos yesterday that went viral where he was spotted 90% naked in Bo continues to fly here and there, the family the said victim had disclaimed the allegations that Musa Tombo has run mad.

The family after hearing and seeing the uninformative trending photos of the Leone Stars and former Bo Rangers striker online, the family affirmed to the public that Musa Tombo is safe and sound, and continued that the public must stop the sharing of false information about the celebrity.

The family extended their advice to the social media platforms that have been sharing the information about Musa being mad or photos and videos of the said incident to stop henceforth. The family added that resistance to this notice will definitely not do them any good as defaulters will face the wrath of the law.

The family in their concluding statements extended their appreciations to their well wishers from home and abroad for all their plethora concerns since the incident happened and continued to affirm that Musa is not what the media portrays he is.

“My Husband (MUSA TOMBO) is not mad, stop sharing false information…” the wife and family of Musa affirmed.