Another act of indiscipline in the Premier League match between Ports Authority FC and FC Johansen at the Approved School Field, in the East of Freetown on Wednesday.

The Fourth Official Ibrahim S. Turay was confronted by the Head Coach of Port Authority – Lamin Bangura, protesting against the use of the balls donated by FC Johansen to the Premier League Board as match balls, and he eventually picked one of the balls on the touchline inside the field of play while the match was in progress.

Someone identified as an official of Port Authority came in and hit the Fourth Official with a ball in his face, which led to a standoff and the match stopped for about 10 minutes.

At halftime, an alleged supporter of Port Authority FC came all the way to the FC Johansen reserve bench and stabbed a Johansen fan Mohamed Kamara. He was arrested by and the victim was taken to the Rokupa Government Hospital for treatment.

The Central Referee Abdul Rahman Fofana couldn’t resume the match in the second half for fear of security concerns from fans, with a longer delay, until they got assurances from the Vice President 2 of SLFA Alie Badara Tarawally and the Match Commissioner Yusuf Lansana. And the match ended in a goalless draw.

The spate of violence and lawlessness in the ongoing Sierra Leone Premier League is worrisome. Similar attacks happened in Bo over the weekend, where Match Officials were harassed and intimidated, and a Bai Bureh Warriors player was stoned with a filled water bottle