The Southern Arena, situated in Bo, a southern city, is poised to host matches nationwide after its inauguration over the upcoming weekend.

With a seating capacity of 6,000, preparations have been intensified for the momentous occasion, and stewards are gearing up for the opening session in BO.

The inaugural ceremony will include a spectacular and contested mini-gala featuring five top teams from the Sierra Leone Premier League: Bo Rangers, East End Lions, Wusum Stars, Bai Bureh Warriors, and Kamboi Eagles.

The mini-gala is scheduled for May 19th-21st, 2023.

Fans and supporters are also getting ready to witness not only the beautiful scenery but also how their favorite teams and players perform in the mini-gala.

Sources indicate that stewards will be stationed around the pitch to offer crucial support for spectators and ensure the safety and security of all attendees.