Dozens of Stadium Management workers went on the rampage within the premise of the Siaka Steven Stadium arena in Freetown on Friday 8th April 2022 over what they described as no payment of salaries for 17 months.

According to the staff, they have gone 17 months without salaries and the renovation of the stadium will start today, but none of them was employed for the work and they saw over 100 new work personnel from nowhere. In their strike theme, the staff are asking for their backlog salaries or no work.

Looking at happenings in the country few weeks ago, the country has had so many strikes at a result of poor management, lack of insufficient funds etc.

Patriotic Sierra Leoneans have been thinking where the country is heading to, or has it gone to the extreme in Sierra Leone for a worker to fulfil his/her duties and not receive his salaries. This from report, staff made mention of Statistic Sierra Leone as an example, the Enumerators and Supervisors have done their own part of the deal but Statistics Salone is yet to fulfil theirs.

The Siaka Stevens National Stadium, commonly known informally as the National Stadium, is the national stadium of Sierra Leone, located in the capital city of Freetown. It is used mostly for football matches, and it also has athletics facilities. It is the largest and main stadium in Sierra Leone and has a 45,000 capacity. The stadium serves as the exclusive home of the Sierra Leone national football team, known as the Leone Stars.