Two Sierra Leoneans professional Amputee players will be playing in the Turkish Amputee Super League for SANLURFA football Club to showcase their talents and be ambassadors of football with a positive mindset.

The two players are , Foday James Lumeh and Gbassay Koroma from the Sierra Leone Polio Football Club Situated at Cole Town Western Area Rural District Waterloo.

Foday James Lumeh  departed the shores of Freetown Sierra Leone on 10th October 2021 for Turkey to join Sanlifura (Eyyubiye) Amputee team and later followed by Gbessay Koroma

Foday James Lumeh, who lost one of his legs due to a misfortune in his country at the age of 7, met amputee football at the age of 8.

Foday, who met Eyyübiye Belediyespor Amputee Football Team Coach Mustafa Bebe via social media, came to Şanlıurfa at the beginning of the season and managed to become an important part of the team he joined.

Foday, who also plays in his country’s national team, aims to be more beneficial to his country and his team by improving himself.


Stating that he contacted Eyyübiye Belediyespor Amputee Football Team Coach Mustafa Bebe through a friend he met on social media, and that he decided to come to Şanlıurfa as a result of the negotiations, Foday said:

I had the passion and goal of being a professional football player. I came to Şanlıurfa to show my talent and what a West African player can do in a European country. Since I came here, I have received a lot of attention from my friends, family and even my country because I transferred to Turkey to play in a European country. “My goal is to showcase the talent I have. In Sierra Leone, people think that once you’re injured, you have no relevance to society, and I want to change that mindset.”

Foday James Lumeh, expressing that he wants to be the ambassador of football players with a positive mindset in his country and to enable them to showcase their talents, said, “I am very happy to play for Şanlıurfa despite a few difficulties. We are doing our best for my team with my fellow players. I am very happy for this opportunity to show my talents and represent my country.” ” made its assessment.

Eyyübiye Belediyespor Amputee Football Team Coach Mustafa Bebe said that they were promoted to the Super League last season and that they are struggling to stay here permanently.

Stating that they had 3 foreign players in their team before and that they were entitled to receive 1 more foreign player when they were promoted to the Super League, Bebe said that they evaluated this with the Sierra Leone national football player Foday James Lumeh.

Stating that Foday is a young and promising player, Bebe said:

“While I was looking for a player, we met with Foday on social media and talked for a while. Then I asked him to send the match videos. After watching the videos, I thought we could get along and it would be good for the team. He is already an important player who is also the captain of the Sierra Leone National Team. Foday is talented, running We are a player who presses and contributes to the team. The biggest feature of Foday is that he is young, he turned 20 this year. He has some shortcomings, but hopefully we will work hard to make up for these shortcomings. We are a promising player and if nothing goes wrong, he will play football for 20 more years. I’m thinking.”