The only wedded wife of the Leone Stars striker, Hawa Tombo on her TikTok handle spotted making her little contributions to her community she lives by donating with the little she has. 

Among other qualities of Hawa, she is known to be that loving and caring person with the heart of giving and sharing. She is also known for the love of children. She love children to the extreme that, kids around the community spend most of their time at her environ when she is around.

Because of the love for children and her beloved husband Musa Tombo, Hawa on a TikTok video was spotted sharing sweets to the community children who were so ecstatic for the donations.

After sharing the sweets and making sure everyone has gotten his/hers, Hawa Tombo called the attention of her attendees to pray for her husband Musa Tombo. During the prayer, Hawa and the everybody were reciting the Lords prayer and asking the Lord for guidance and protection of her husband Musa.