Sierra Leone renowned Music Artist, Adfega has just released the official  “Compound” video. The track was produced by Wilbert,  and is  a blend of Milo Jazz and Afro fuaion, showcasing Adfega’s vocal range and unique style. 

Wilbert created this masterpiece, which has an amapiano sound and motivational lyrics about events involving neighbors in the same compound.

Adfega described potential behaviors that might be displayed by people leaving the same area in this song.

Enjoy “compound,” contrast it with your own or the one where you had previously resided, and let us know what you think of Adfega’s compound.

This compound ya so Inside compound ya so Some people dem bad Some people dem bad Inside this we compound ya so..(x2) Ar say you-you-you nor see the tawel wae r heng na viranda Abo you-you-you nor see the lappa wae r heng by the winda Aaaa me Tan lek say posin don cam E don take am Kerr am go oh E don go wash with am Me water…(x2)”  a snippet of what awaits you!!!! Enjoy standard video graphics and Share!!!!