The afro hit banger Edward Wright, the one and only ”Kontri Boss’ has recently unveiled his long awaited collaboration song with Colabo titled “Butterfly.”

The singer-songwriter for African Drumz has been in the entertainment business for almost ten years and won the KALBOX national singing competition in 2008. He was previously the best vocalist among the 441 musical ensembles.

Despite not making it to the finals, Kontri Boss announced the release of the “Butterfly” song’s audio and visual after he returned from the Housemates Salone break.

Formerly known as Eddy 441, Edward Wright has adopted the stage moniker “Kontri Boss.” He revealed last year that his collaboration with Prezzo Colabo, “Butterfly,” will be the first single off his current “Rebirth album” project.

Here is the jam from Kontri Boss worth adding to you playlist in collaboration with Colabo on the song title “Butterfly” Enjoy and Share…