The President of  Fourah Bay College Student Union, Alfred Micah Sesay has called on the government to look into the imposition of over NL2,000 extra Charges for students with Granting-Aide.

In an Interview with AYV, he confirmed that students are required to pay for extra facilities which they are deriving little benefit from.

“Some Students Solely relied on Sierra Leone Grant-in-Aid for them to Come to University and if the Charges supersede even the tuition fees, you are literally asking students out of the University,” Sesay noted.

He appealed to the government to make sure they addressed the issue because some of them are frustrated, and they are not happy about it.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ramatulai Wurie, Minister of Technical and Higher Education has provided assurance that the Ministry is actively collaborating with the Finance Ministry and other stakeholders to diligently address these concerns.